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Aboriginal Liaison Officer / Enrolled Nurse, Susan Walker

Aboriginal Liaison Officer / Enrolled Nurse, Hedland Health Campus
Susan Walker, 2011 Aboriginal Health Award winner

I am an enrolled nurse currently employed as an Aboriginal Liaison Officer. I am very proud to be an Aboriginal woman…

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Assistant in Nursing, David Lennon

Assistant in Nursing, Fremantle Hospital
David Lennon, 2011 AIN Trainee Outstanding Award

I work at Fremantle Hospital, where I assist nurses in providing patient care. I take patient observations and assist them with feeding, dressing, washing and shaving…

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Clinical Midwife, Elli Bush

Clinical Midwife, King Edward Memorial Hospital
Elli Bush, 2011 Midwife of the Year

After graduating as a Registered Nurse, I worked at Royal Perth Hospital to consolidate my adult nursing ability and understanding…

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Clinical Nurse, Daniel Berk

Clinical Nurse, Royal Perth Hospital, Home Cancer Care Service and Sir Charles Gairdner Hospital, Haematology Care Centre
Daniel Berk, 2011 Consumer Appreciation Award co-recipient

I work in a nurse led team delivering chemotherapy and associated follow-up to patients in their homes…

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Clinical Nurse Consultant, Tania McWilliams

Clinical Nurse Consultant, Total Care Burns Unit, Princess Margaret Hospital for Children
Tania McWilliams, 2011 Nurse/Midwife of the Year

My role provides specialist burns nursing for paediatric burn patients within our inpatient burns unit, our burns outpatient clinic…

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Registered Midwife, Brooke Jones

Registered Midwife, King Edward Memorial Hospital
Brooke Jones, 2011 Graduate of the Year

In my position as a midwife at King Edward Memorial Hospital, the work I do ranges from pregnancy check-ups, to labour, and care of the newborn and new mother in hospital and at home.

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Staff Development Educator, Diane Williams

Staff Development Educator, Osborne Park Hospital
Diane Williams

My role is varied, but is focused on the education of the staff working at our hospital, as well as coordinating orientation and placements of new staff and students.

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>Midwife, Hedland Health Campus, Hayley Potter

Midwife, Hedland Health Campus
Hayley Potter

I am a midwife. I look after women and their family during pregnancy, labour, birth and after the baby is born.

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Advanced Skill Enrolled Nurse, Gwendoline Patterson

Advanced Skill Enrolled Nurse, Hedland Health Campus
Gwendoline Patterson

I am an Advanced Skill Enrolled Nurse. I work in the medical/surgical ward at Hedland Health Campus. I transferred from Osborne Park Hospital where I worked with medical and stroke patients.

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Enrolled Nurse, Graduate Program, Shannel DeJonge

Enrolled Nurse, Graduate Program
Shannel DeJonge

I work with a variety of team members to work out the best outcomes for the patient. I am currently working on a graduate program…

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Registered Midwife, Rachel Thomas

Registered Midwife
Rachel Thomas

My work involves caring for women from 20 weeks gestation through to their first few days at home with their new baby.

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Senior Registered Nurse, Clinical Coordinator, Kristy Cooper

Senior Registered Nurse, Clinical Coordinator
Kristy Cooper

I see a wide range of clinical presentations… ranging from people needing health advice to requiring emergency nursing care in life threatening situations.

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Trainee Assistant in Nursing (AIN), Wendy Forbes

Trainee Assistant in Nursing (AIN)
Wendy Forbes

I will assist with patient care, for example bathing, feeding, general daily activities and providing emotional support to patients…

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Transcultural Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS), Angelo Scala

Transcultural Clinical Nurse Specialist (CNS)
Angelo Scala

I work across multicultural communities to provide a community nursing service. This service is culturally sensitive to the mental health needs of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD)…

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